Welcome to Elixir Project Experience!

Getting started...

  • Watch the introductory video to your right.
  • Take the Unhackability Assessment at the link below. Save your results because we'll reference them in the near future.
  • Begin Elixir Project Experience by watching Master Class One.

Please CLICK HERE or on the pic below to take the Unhackability Assessment.
Save your results as we'll reference them in the near future.

Elixir Project Experience is unlike any other course. This is true regarding the content AND the structure. Here's why: 

Daily Dripped Content: Unhackability is a process, not an event. For this reason, we'll release a new daily video and mission. By breaking it down over 5 days, you'll experience significant life change in a way that's balanced and manageable. For your convenience, we'll email you a link to the new video and daily mission each day.

Master Classes: Watch this first to start the program.

EPX Guidebook: We've developed a robust interactive guidebook. Because you can type your responses into the EPX guidebook below, please make sure you: (1) Save the file to your computer FIRST. (2) Open the file and enter your responses. (3) Save the file before closing so your responses are saved.  We encourage you to create a new folder on your desktop and save your daily work into this folder for life-time access. To enable all functions in the EPX Guidebook (saving, viewing, etc.) please download the latest FREE version of Adobe Reader